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Calling Business Owners!

I believe business can be a delivery system to add more love in the world. Leaders need to have the mindset and money to spend the majority of their energy building their love-based-business. (They shouldn’t be having to work at McDonald’s all day!*lol*)

Benefit from my experience!

By blending my intuitive and business skills, I’ve become an expert in finding your outdated wealth-related belief systems and releasing them so you can experience effortless wealth generating synchronicities. I include both intuitive healing and strategic business coaching processes and practices to help you build a business you absolutely LOVE!

Do any of these sound familiar?

You’ve heard THE CALL – but you are stuck!

You’re a smart, intelligent, female business owner.
You know that you came here to share something magical in the world.

There’s something holding you back!

You feel like a failure, stuck and alone.
You feel like you’re not enough:

  • Not Worthy Enough
  • Not Strong Enough
  • Not Smart Enough
  • Not Rich Enough
  • What if I told you that…


    Currently I have a waitlist for my business coaching packages.

    Not sure what you need?


    What is it like to work with me?

    Be prepared to work!

    I will gently push you to grow. However, know that growing yourself is much like trying to get 6 pack abs. It will take lots of practice. The more practice the better you’ll become!

    Results won’t come overnight, but working with a spiritual and business mentor can escalate one’s personal journey far beyond anyone can do alone. After just a few sessions, most of my clients notice dramatic differences in their self-love and ability to receive more.

    I’m interested in working with those that really WANT to make themselves successful.

    After just a few sessions, most of my clients can outline their programs, advertise their programs and MAKE SALES!

    In fact, 95% of my clients make more money (some have reached 6 figure months) after working with me!

    I’m looking for HUGE results – and so should you!

    A questionnaire sent prior to the onset of the sessions to document what positive and tangible outcomes from the work we do together, as well as lay the ‘today’ vs ‘tomorrow’ vision.

    Here’s what to expect as results:

    You’ll know your EXACT soul's purpose in the world, and what you need to do to fulfill that purpose!

    You’ll be aligned and grounded with your soul's mission and unique intuitive gifts!

    You'll receive daily energetic support and clear to release any mental and emotional blocks!

    You’ll have access to your own intuitive information that will make business decisions so much easier!

    You’ll experience more ‘ease’ and abundance in your life because you'll be in the FLOW!

    You'll be able to outline your most Soul-Aligned business offerings that you'll LOVE implementing!

    You’ll experience more LOVE for yourself, your family, and humanity!

    You’ll experience life on a whole new level of depth - a Ferrari inner life instead of a Kia ;-)!

    You’ll receive 100% commitment from me! I will make myself energetically and intellectually available (bar no emergencies or illness) for your whole journey!

    What’s Included?

    Whether you sign up for a one month package or a whole year, we will work towards maximizing your income doing what you love as fast as possible.



    I energetically connect to my personal 1:1 clients every day in my meditation. I spend from 10-30 mins to ensure a stable energy field for success.

    This energy work is called ‘Johanna’s Magic Sauce’ by her clients. Often clients report receiving unexpected money, business deals, and/or happy synchronicities after a session.


    Feel free to send me intuitive and/or business questions, including offers, etc. 5 days a week during business hours.

    I will spend up to 20 minutes per day answering. (I regularly respond within the hour, but promise to respond within 24hrs unless on designated vacation).


    We will meet face to face via video conferencing to dig in deep into any mindset, deep emotional clearing that is blocking success. These sessions also include working on business goals, marketing, sales and wealth creation.


    I will assign you relevant and personalized homework to get you to your next level of success.

    You’ll also get all these extras!

    Business Coaching Elements

    Mindset Work


    Intuitive Healing

    Intention Setting


    Wealth Creation


    In every package, there are additional bonus online courses that are included to maximize your success.


    You’ll have personal referrals to Johanna’s network of amazing healers, coaches, and professionals.

    What others Say

    I can’t tell you how much Johanna’s intuitive, healing and business guidance has meant to me over the past year. She’s constantly able to navigate me to the next level of my intuitive abilities that are realigning deeper and deeper into my soul’s purpose! My life has changed in so many ways – I’m so much more confident in my life direction and make business decisions with so much more ease and grace. Life is EASIER! She is an absolute MASTER energy healer, intuitive and business coach!
    Shelley D. Monterey
    Spiritual Intuitive
    I have easily generated $85k or more in cash as well on my way to purchase a property that I’ve dreamt of owning for the past 10 years! She’s one of those rare souls that can ‘see’ into your potential and help you bring it into physical reality. She is an incredibly talented intuitive and I’m so grateful for her business wisdom and expertise!
    Rebecca Trois
    CEO & Owner of Trois Estates/LightVillage

    Ready to get started?

    *Please note at this time there is a long waiting list for 1:1 business coaching with Johanna. 


    (Pricing, Guarantee & Other)


    ~ You must have an entrepreneurial spirit and curiosity
    ~ You must have the financial support to pay for your coaching
    ~ You must be willing to be coached and be emotionally available to mindset work

    I’m absolutely committed to providing VIP service for my clients. Therefore, I select my 1:1 clients very carefully. It’s a big commitment for both of us.

    ~ You really have a deep desire to get the transformation
    ~ You need to be committed to do the homework
    ~ You need to show up for yourself and stay consistent

    And I commit to showing up 100%, energetically as well as with my best business advice from 25 years of lesson’s learned.

    I’m glad this program resonates with you! Due to the level of VIP service I offer, I’m only able to take on a few 1:1 clients at a time.

    I’m usually unable to take on new clients immediately, however, reach out and let me know you are interested. We will make a plan.

    You can make a deposit to lock in the coaching package of your choice at the current pricing.

    Monthly payment plans are available.

    At least 30% of the balance is due to start the program, additional payments can be arranged. Please ask.

    There is an additional 20% processing ‘fee’ on all payment arrangements above more than 2 installments. (This is due to the risk of the client leaving the program, and not being paid for the initial work up front when committing to a new client.)

    I’m usually unable to take on new clients immediately, however, reach out and let me know you are interested. We will make a plan.

    You can make a deposit to lock in the coaching package of your choice at the current pricing.

    Yes. I guarantee that during the coaching program you will gain the information as well as an action plan to at least double your income within the next year.

    If you don’t feel satisfied with the action plan, I promise to spend an agreed upon allotment of time in revising it to your satisfaction.

    I can not guarantee an increase in income nor that the action plan will be implemented. This is the client’s responsibility.

    There are NO CASH REFUNDS.

    About Me

    I’m Johanna Gardner and I’m an Intuitive Mindset and Business Coach. I’m the creator and teacher of The Business Energy Audit Experience, as well as The G.R.O.W.Th. Business Method.

    As a past real estate mogul and hotel owner, I’m very familiar with the lack of fulfillment that comes from chasing money. I’ve spent the last decade re-building my life and creating a business that fulfills my soul’s purpose. I get a ‘Happiness Check’ every day.

    coach female business owners to love themselves and receive more so they can make tons of money doing what they LOVE!

    Don’t miss out!