"Learning to Love Yourself Rich!"

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The Call

You’re a smart, intelligent, female business owner.

You know that you came here to share something magical in the world.

There's something holding you back!

You feel like a failure, stuck and alone.

You feel like you’re not enough:

Not Worthy Enough
Not Strong Enough
Not Smart Enough
Not Rich Enough

The Answer

It’s time to learn to


To align with your unique soul’s purpose
To have the money to live your dream life
To enjoy incredible fulfillment doing the work you love

Yeah! I’m sooooo glad you found me!
I know exactly HOW to help you!
Because I believe you can have money AND love!!

Wendi Lindenmuth

Founder of Healing Forward and Certified Spiritual Energy Healer

I went from starting a facebook group to having 13k+ group members within 4 months by working with Johanna!

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What others Say

"I had an absolute quantum leap in so many areas of my life working with Johanna. I'm working fewer hours with quadruple the income!"
Kimberly Wolfman
Realtor; Million Dollar Club
"Within two months of working with Johanna, I was able to replace my corporate income as a coach working part-time to allow for a better work-life balance. Every day is a heart-centered inspired action day!"
Amanda Perez
Ladies Tennis Coach/Physical Therapist
"Johanna's mastermind changed my life! The healing, inner growth, and lifelong relationships have been instrumental in the direction of my business."
Michelle Guajardo
Intuitive Consultant

My Favorite Coaching Services


Join my group mastermind to gain more self-love, more time and money! This mastermind is based on my unique G.R.O.W.Th. Method, and it will support you in releasing blocks, targeting on your ideal client, creating amazing offers, grow your self-worth so you can make money doing what you LOVE. Find your soul sisters by joining a loving, supportive community!


If you would prefer to work 1:1 with me, then this offer is for you! You are a business owner with a mission and yet still not truly fulfilled. Using my G.R.O.W.Th Method, I will help you increase your self-worth so you can explode your net-worth by building a business that you absolutely LOVE!You’ll love who you’ll become!

Get Money Manifesting Tips!

Rebecca Trois

Owner and CEO, Trois Estates

As an already successful entrepreneur, Johanna’s business savy as well as powerful intuitive gifts are an invaluable asset in helping me reach my potential. I’ve made so much more money, and gained back so much of my life by following her advice

My Latest Blog Posts

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  • Embrace Your Inner Magical Child Meditation

    Embracing Your Inner Magical Child I created this special meditation to help relieve stress and bring you more happiness. By taking the time to truly accept your inner magical child, you’ll feel more joy. There’s no need to fear being restricted and confined. You’ll be learning to embrace that purely joyful happy...
  • You Are Not Your Fear

    You Are Not Your Fear One of my favorite teachers is Kyle Cease, and he says that you are not your fear.  You are not your fear. The thing about being light, the truth of who we are, is love.  There is nothing else. The expansion...

Learn Your Soul's Purpose

About Me

I’m Johanna Gardner and I’m an Intuitive Mindset and Business Coach. I’m the creator and teacher of The Business Energy Audit Experience, as well as The G.R.O.W.Th. Business Method.

As a past real estate mogul and hotel owner, I’m very familiar with the lack of fulfillment that comes from chasing money. I’ve spent the last decade re-building my life and creating a business that fulfills my soul’s purpose. I get a ‘Happiness Check’ every day.

coach female business owners to love themselves and receive more so they can make tons of money doing what they LOVE!

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