Business Energy Audit

Will You Be Successful in This Business?

☆ CUPIDS are the best at LOVING on their clients!

☆ ORACLE souls are the best at teaching WISDOM to their clients!

☆ MAGICAL CHILDREN souls are best at bringing JOY to their clients!

Make More Money!

Your business is a reflection of YOUR energy!!

You gave birth to it with your thoughts, your heart, and physical energy. If you truly want to utilize the power of The Law of Attraction – your vibe has to match your wants.

You have a completely unique vibrational-frequency. It has a sound, and a color. Johanna has the unique talent of being able to identify someone’s wealth personality type just by reading someone’s name.

Having an intuitive business audit will help you raise your success!

You’ll learn your unique wealth strength, and what you came here to do in the world and whether THIS Is the business that will finally make you successful!


For the past 22 years, as a metaphysical healer and mentor, Johanna has been transforming clients lives, including celebrities and multi-millionaires, with powerful, energetically healing infused art.

I utilize my unique super-power in working with heart-centered entrepreneurs to offer them clarity on how their vibration IS, or is NOT aligned with their business.

She uses the “energy drawings” as a communication tool to highlight clients business energy alignment

Benefits of a Business Energy Audit

A BUSINESS ENERGY AUDIT experiences will help you clearly identify:

~ You'll find out exactly why you are here on earth.
~ You'll learn your unique soul’s purpose.

~ You'll learn whether you doing what you are supposed to be doing.

~ You'll know exactly how to make more money and success in business. ~ You'll awaken your business to a whole new level of abundance and flow.
Johanna spends up to an hour or more prior to her sessions tapping into her client's energy, sending healing and drawing out the messages and insights she receives.

You’ll receive an electronic copy of the drawing, a healing, as well a 60-minute reading face to face zoom call where you'll align with your true purpose and so much more!

What clients experienced after A BUSINESS ENERGY AUDIT:

♡ A client went from having her car repossessed to earning 5 figures per month!

♡ Another called off her divorce after 38 years of marriage to now being happily married!

♡ Another went from suffering terribly with a thyroid condition to more health and vitality!

♡ And another rebranded and realigned her whole business after learning her true soul’s purpose!


Find out whether this business will be successful or not.

What Others Say

I just had my 4th energy drawing with Johanna. It’s been amazing not only to see my spiritual journey in color, but I’m always overjoyed by the things she uncovers. Together, we are able to gain the clarity I need about my business. Johanna is my mentor and soul sister. I’m so grateful to have her guidance as I continue to grow as an entrepreneur!
Becky Shoonover
In 60 minutes this woman stripped me down and read my energy completely….this woman is AMAZEballs and I highly recommend a session with her if you REALLY want a raw, real, down to earth and honest look at yourself. She can see into your energetic field and your deepest self. She is GOOD! She floored me and actually left me SPEECHLESS which is difficult since I’ve always have a lot to say. LMAO. Johanna – you ROCK!! THANK YOU!!
Jennifer Pennington
Soul Recovery Coach
Love, Love, LOVE the energy drawing and reading done by Johanna!! It really clarified what I’ve have been feeling my whole life and helped me to understand that I’m indeed on the right path…..which is HUGE! Johanna knows her stuff and is super caring and loving while doing the reading! It was an awesome experience
Lisa Jeffs
Mindset Coach
UNBELIEVABLE. INCREDIBLE. AMAZING. To say Johanna is gifted is an understatement. She blew me away with the accuracy of my energy drawing and reading. She also gave me insight to my family, love life, home, and business. BEST READING EVER!
Emily Aarons
Wellness & Meditation Coach


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