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Inuitive Mindset & Business Coaching

About Me

I’m Johanna Gardner and I’m an Intuitive Mindset and Business Coach. I’m the creator and teacher of The Business Energy Audit Experience, as well as The G.R.O.W.Th. Business Method.

As a past real estate mogul and hotel owner, I’m very familiar with the lack of fulfillment that comes from chasing money. I’ve spent the last decade re-building my life and creating a business that fulfills my soul’s purpose. I get a ‘Happiness Check’ every day.

coach female business owners to love themselves and receive more so they can make tons of money doing what they LOVE!

What others Say

I had an absolute quantum leap in so many areas of my life working with Johanna. I'm working fewer hours with quadruple the income!
Kimberly Wolfman
Realtor; Million Dollar Club
Within two months of working with Johanna, I was able to replace my corporate income as a coach working part-time to allow for a better work-life balance. Every day is a heart-centered inspired action day!
Amanda Perez
Ladies Tennis Coach/Physical Therapist
Johanna's mastermind changed my life! The healing, inner growth, and lifelong relationships have been instrumental in the direction of my business.
Michelle Guajardo
Intuitive Consultant
Wow, wow, WOW! I just had the most amazing 30-minute session with Johanna who basically blew me away with her insights and it has entirely shifted the kinds of clients I even want to work with, so it’s totally aligned with who I am! And it was done with such warmth, heart, and humour! Thank you, Johanna!
Marie Fleming
Creative Coach
Love, Love, LOVE! Johanna really clarified what I’ve have been feeling my whole life and helped me to understand that I’m indeed on the right path…..which is HUGE! Johanna knows her stuff and is super caring and loving! It was an awesome experience. Thanks again Johanna….looking forward to referring you to all my friends.
Lisa Jeffs
Nutritional Coach
I had a session today with Johanna. Goodness – that woman basically told me what’s what with me. I am now on a mission to get my gifts out into the world (and find some new partners as well! LOL) If you haven’t booked a session with her yet – get to it!.
Marissa Loewen
Transformative Coach for Creatives

The things I love




My Story

Early Years
Early Years


I was born in England and lived in Germany, USA, China; by age 11, I had attended six schools. I traveled from my parents home in Hong Kong, to boarding school in England 6 times a year. I attended the first boys Catholic boarding school becoming one of 17 girls with 270 boys. I traveled to France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Wales, Macao, Hong Kong, Japan, Bahrain, Brunei, Philippines, Tasmania, Thailand, Borneo, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia.

What I can do for you

♦ With my intuitive expertise, I’m able to ‘see’ the fastest direction for more ease, grace, and light.

♦ With my healing expertise, I’m able to energetically unblock you from your past belief patterns.

♦ With my business expertise, I can help you create a business you love in quantum speed.

I have complete confidence to help you find your truest calling and connect you with a way for you to make money with a meaning that lights your soul on fire!

You’ll truly be enough to make tons of money doing what you LOVE!

My Favorite Coaching Services


Join my group mastermind to gain more self-love, more time and money! This mastermind is based on my unique G.R.O.W.Th. Method, and it will support you in releasing blocks, targeting on your ideal client, creating amazing offers, grow your self-worth so you can make money doing what you LOVE. Find your soul sisters by joining a loving, supportive community!


If you would prefer to work 1:1 with me, then this offer is for you! You are a business owner with a mission and yet still not truly fulfilled. Using my G.R.O.W.Th Method, I will help you increase your self-worth so you can explode your net-worth by building a business that you absolutely LOVE!You’ll love who you’ll become!