5 Steps to Loving Fans as a Sensitive Entrepreneur

5 Steps to Loving Fans as a Sensitive Entrepreneur

Do you get “love messages” everyday about how you changed someones life or business around?

Do you know how to get clients to absolutely love on you?

Do you have clients share spontaneous testimonials online, just because?


In this video you’ll learn:

😚 How to get happy clients to post testimonials in public about your work

😚 How to build a loving fan club that generates only awesome clients

😚 How to market yourself so that you only attract high vibe clients

😚 How to energetically have the universe bring you the success you want in your business

😚 How to use your intuition on where to meet new potential clients with ease and grace

They say that you can get famous by making a 1000 fans absolutely love you!

Do you have fans? Those people that absolutely love your work and would follow you anywhere?

Count how many you have and aim to start building your network of raging fun loving fans.

Start with a goal of 3-5. You’ll know that they’re a huge fan because they will follow you on social media and keep close. Perhaps they are an automatic in on any classes you host?

Then make the goal of at least 10 raving fans, then 20, then 30, then all the way to 100 and beyond.

Remember to love these people back! Inform them, invite them, and definitely give them extra TLC.

Connect with them on holidays, special events and their birthdays.


Make a list of people in your business field that are doing something similar you want to do in the world and figure out how to get closer to them.

Go to their classes, follow them on social media and/or read their work. Make them your model example and decide which aspects of their business you want to emulate in yours.


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