How do I find my soul’s purpose work?

How do I find my soul’s purpose work?

By Johanna Gardner ~ Intuitive Business Coach
“Helping Sensitive Entrepreneurs double their income in businesses they absolutely love!”

A great question can change your life?

What is your BIG DREAM with your life? (Think REALLY big! As in the way that Walt Disney dreamed of a place where dreams came true. Or how Mary Kay believed she could make a positive impact in people’s lives. Or Mother Teresa, or Louise Hay, etc. They all had big dreams that have lived beyond themselves. What’s yours?)

List 10 activities/events that make up your perfect day. (The things that light you up, energize you, or make you feel stronger, better, or more inspired?) 

If you were granted an extra hour each day, and all basic needs (i.e., sleep) were met, how would you spend it?

List out 5 non-negotiable goals (people, places, things) that you WILL HAVE experienced or achieved by the end of this next year.

Imagine you are reflecting on your life a year from now, what are the 3 things that you accomplished in the past year? How are you feeling as you look back on your accomplishments?

If you were guaranteed unlimited money with the only condition being that you create your dream life (that perhaps no one else even knows you would want), what would it be like. How would you spend your day? Morning? Lunch? Afternoon? Dinner?


Today, I want us to INQUIRE what is it that we really, really, want!??!? Ha…

I want you to think of three areas of your life:

Relationships, Wealth and Health.

What one thing do you really, really want to experience in each of these three areas?


Think of what you don’t have now:

What does your friends, family or dream romantic relationship look like? List 5 characteristics of your family, friends or perfect mate.


Think of what you’d like to do this coming year that requires an investment?

Maybe travel? Buy a home? Coach with a favorite teacher?

Travel: Name 6 places you’d love to visit and why – what will you see, experience, feel?

Home: What does your dream house look like? List 10 characteristics you’d have that you want but don’t currently have in your home now.

Coach: How could you budget your time and money to work with this person? How would you feel afterwards? What accomplishments would you want?


Think of a so called unhealthy habit you have now. Maybe it’s sleeping too long or not enough? Eating too much sugar? Not working out? How would you feel if you were able to let go or replace one of these habits in the next year with something positive – like meditation or yoga or bubble baths?

What would you do with the extra energy, sleep, relaxation? How much more self love would you have?



I feel xxxxxx when I think of my current xxxx relationship in 2020!


I feel xxxxxx when I think of the investments I’m going to make for myself in 2020!


I feel xxxxxx when I think of the healthy me!

Ecstatic, Extravagant, Exuberant


Today was to get super clear on what you want to experience in 2020. What moments do you want to collect in 2020?

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