How I became Intuitive

How I became Intuitive

How I became intuitive has to start with my car accident when I was 23.  (I, of course, was born intuitive, but it’s not until I was literally hit over the head that I started expanding my awareness.)

I felt like I was a donut. I had a huge hole missing inside of me. I would go to every free psychic fair there was in my neighborhood.

I ‘felt’ like the psychics knew something I didn’t. Like there was a whole new world that I wasn’t a part of.

The process was MUCH slower than I would have liked, but I met a Reiki Master, named Valerie Byram and she opened the door to that lovely world called ‘The Woo Woo’.

My healing process

After a reiki session she performed on me highlighted information only before a doctor and an x-ray has recognized, I was immediately fascinated by Valerie’s ability to intuit what was going on with me. She invited me to her reiki | & || class, and then  I took my master level on 1995. Later, I became ordained as a way to avoid any possible legal action taken against me for ‘touching’ people without a license. (You can read about how that turned out to be a very lucrative decision in the article about my weddings!) Since that time, I eventually in 2001 started to teach my own reiki classes and developed my personalized methods of training others to become more intuitive.

It’s been a journey!

But it’s always been filled with a lot more security of knowing that spirit is with me at all times. I have never really ‘felt’ like the donut again. In fact, today, I know the ‘other’ world so well, it’s rather weird that other people don’t, and it’s my favorite to share with them the tools on how to become more intuitive and see ‘frequency’ and all things Woo Woo.