Why Trust Your Coach?

Why Trust Your Coach?

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. A coach can be a powerful asset in your life, but as with all relationships, a coach can’t make a client do their homework. Sometimes, too much change at once can’t be processed all at once. On the rare occasion that coaching doesn’t work (even with a coach that has an excellent resume), it can relate to it’s a matter of time. Results from coaching can actually manifest years later.

5 tips for a succesful coaching experience

1. Be choosy! Hire the right coach for you!

There are thousands of great coaches out there, however only a handful might be a perfect fit for you. And sure they have the same beliefs, and philosophies.

2. Be open!

Your coach may ask you to do things that might sound counter-intuitive, but remember they see your life and our business from a 10000 foot level and sometimes like Miyagi in The Karate Kid movie they want you to practice new habits.

3.  Be patient!

Massive transformations really happen overnight. Change takes time to process. Your brain needs time to rewire itself. Allow yourself to integrate the changes and practice extra “self-love”.

4. Be honest!

If you’re not resonating with what’s your coach is telling you, please do both of you the favor of being honest and sharing your concerns. You’ll give the coach with the knowledge that something’s off and you’ll sure save time and money.

5. Be committed!

Turn up on time, make regular scheduled sessions, do your homework, study extra, put your best efforts forth in order to get the best results. Your coach can only do so much, it’s your life and your investment so make the time investment in you. You’ll be grateful you did.

When you make a goal to lose weight and her coach to help but don’t do the exercises or follow the diet plan, then the results are not the coaches responsibility.

Make the investment in yourself count. 

Who knows, your life could be even more magical if you do!