How can I easily get what I want?

How can I easily get what I want?

How can I easily get what I want?

By Johanna Gardner ~ Intuitive Business Coach

“Helping Sensitive Entrepreneurs double their income in businesses they absolutely love!”

Did you know that your brain was programmed with most of it’s patterning and content BEFORE the age of 7? So, basically, by the time you’re 10 years old, you’ve already been installed with all your beLIEfs and “rules” of life that you’ll follow for the rest of your life!

So when changing your life, it’s like trying to move an elephant that doesn’t want to move. Your subconscious is very happy repeating it’s comfortable patterns day after day. It requires an incredible amount of energy to change the programming. Thus, this is why they say it’s hard to train an old dog. They’ve been doing it the same way for years!

To change your life and reach goals that you dream of, you’re going to have to commit to doing things differently. “Doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity!”

So, that said, let’s look at our level of commitment?

Look at your goals.

You should have at least one in the following areas:

Relationships, Wealth and Health.

Ask yourself this question:

Am I all in on having the experience of xxxx in my life?

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being absolutely yes!) am I willing to do the uncomfortable (remember comfortable is what your old self used to do) in order to have the experiences in my relationships, wealth and health that I want?

Mark down the FIRST number that comes to you! The first number is usually your truth.

If it’s lower than you want, it’s ok. No worries, awareness is amazing. Denial will keep you trapped for years to come. Honest integrity and tenacity are required in order to get a different life.

Ok. So now you know you’re committed, let’s write a list of things that we will commit to doing differently in the next year.


How are you going to show up differently for yourself? Perhaps you could forgive that person? Perhaps you could start acting extra loving? Perhaps you could send a thank you letter for all the memories you’ve created throughout the past. Remember, gratitude is the most powerful and Healing vibration of all.


How are you going to show up differently in regards to your wealth? Are you going to add yourself to the priority list? How can you practice feeling amazing about choosing to invest in yourself?


How are you going to do micro actions in your day that contribute to your healing? Perhaps you could stop buying all the sugary products? Perhaps you can commit to a gym membership and finding an accountability partner? Perhaps investing in a fitness coach or program?

How tenaciously committed to having a new life experience?

Achieving your goals doesn’t have to be “painful”, in fact, if it is, then that goal probably is going way against an inner core belief and best to hire a coach to help get you unstuck. A goal should however, stretch you. Stretching is healthy. Stretching can be gentle and in flow. Stretching can be easily accomplished by committing to movement in a new direction.

I want to offer you some homework because achieving your goals is a process and it’s going to take daily commitments and reminders to get you into alignment.

Everyone here, I’m sure is familiar with a vision board, and perhaps even the best Feng Shui position to put your vision board, but I’m going to invite you to find a photo of your emotions that summarize your wishes in the 3 areas of your life. Then put these photos on your vision board, but also put them on your fridge, your mirror, in your car, wherever you can get to see them at least everyday or even more. It doesn’t matter if you “pay attention” to them, but at least allow your subconscious to be exposed to the new emotions. They will eventually seep in and you’ll one day realize, omgoodness, this thing happened!! Ta da!!

The other homework I’m inviting you do do is to acknowledge that you’re saying goodbye to the old identity of you and inviting in the new you!

Write a letter saying goodbye and thank you to the mold you for all the amazing things that she/he provided for you!

Write another letter of gratitude for all the emotions and experiences as though they ALREADY happened! The letter can say something like, “Wow, I’m so grateful for my beautiful new home that I just got back to from my travels to India, that was an absolutely magical vacation!”

There, that’s the 3 day challenge. I’m hoping you got some deep clarity on what you really, really want in 2020!


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