Embrace Your Inner Magical Child Meditation

Embrace Your Inner Magical Child Meditation

Embracing Your Inner Magical Child

I created this special meditation to help relieve stress and bring you more happiness. By taking the time to truly accept your inner magical child, you’ll feel more joy. There’s no need to fear being restricted and confined. You’ll be learning to embrace that purely joyful happy inner part of you that wants to play and giggle. The universe is so wanting for you to play and be creative.

Learning to Let Go

Learning to embrace that ‘Magical Child’ part of you is essential in letting go of the old programming that you have to constantly be ‘adult’. It will allow you to embrace the true you; your superpower. The deep part of you that wants to have fun and be happy. You are already so naturally JOYFUL. There’s nothing more powerful and healing than connecting to that deep inner feeling of joy within yourself.


Included in this meditation is a special activation of your solar plexus. 

This activation will help elevate the magic of this transformation. The activation is embedded energetically so that every time you listen you get more and more, joyful, happy and playful.

You’ll have less stress and more joy!

With love, joy, and peace,

Johanna oxox