4 Ways to Heal From The Fear of Promoting Yourself

4 Ways to Heal From The Fear of Promoting Yourself

I believe business can be a delivery system for more love in the world.

Are you terrified of people knowing that you have magical gifts?

Are you hiding away under a blanket, wishing money would just fall from the sky coz you’d rather suffer than let others see the truth of who you are?

You’re not alone!!

As a sensitive, it is sooooo common because, let’s face it, the collective is frightening.

But, your fear, is costing you money, causing so much personal suffering, plus, there’s less love in the world because of it.


Promoting yourself these days via distant, automated stagnant emails, flat fb ads or mass marketing search engines can give your ego the illusion it’s “doing” something, eat at your profit margin and cause hopeless misery.

As humans, we desperately crave CONNECTION!

In this live event:

🙏 The secret behind every successful marketing strategy….and its not FB ads!!

🙏 The secret to amplifying your marketing easily and effortlessly

🙏 The secret to energetically healing all old wounds and beliefs about how it’s safer to stay in the “Spiritual Closet” and not share your gifts with the world

🙏 The secret in how to share your unique message for humanity (with the power of group intention, let’s commit energetically to “showing up anyways” together!)

Every successful person has a mission and message. That’s what you want people to talk about.

Answer this, what is the following people’s mission/message?

Tony Robbins


Ester Hicks/Abraham

Even if you don’t know their exact mission/message, you could probably get really close.

If you guessed personal development, increasing consciousness and the law of attraction. You did good.

So, what’s your mission/message?

What’s the ONE THING you so desperately want people to know? Whats your mission message?

This is the one thing you NEED for them to start spreading in their conversations with all their friends!

Focus on a big mission. Then share it with everyone because we’re so ready to live on a more loving and beautiful earth but we need each other to do it!

Hi, I’m Johanna Gardner, a past money-chasing multi million dollar real estate mogul turned Business Intuitive who absolutely loves helping sensitive entrepreneurs monetize their soul gifts. I specialize in helping healers, coaches, Intuitives 2x, 3x and 10x their business incomes by aligning them with the truth of what they came here to do, so we can co-create more love and light in the world.


Be courageous and ask your business friends via a survey or conversation (or if you’re brave ask strangers) what they think you do in your business.

If they can’t tell you, or if they say something wrong, then it’s your to educate them. 😁

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