10 Ways to Speed Up The Know, Like and Trust Factor 😉

10 Ways to Speed Up The Know, Like and Trust Factor 😉

Are you consistent with your love and light to your fans?

Do you know how many times do you need to connect with your beloved tribe?

Do your clients trust you enough to refer you to someone they love?

Join me live here in this fb group to learn 10 ways to speed up the know, like and trust success formula as a Sensitive Entrepreneur.

In the video below you’ll learn:

1. The way you get people to open up to you in seconds of meeting them

2. The way you can get people to tell you their exact problem to determine if you are the right person to solve it

3. The way you can discover whether this person is a potential client immediately

4. The way you can determine what ‘timeframe’ this person ‘might’ become your client

5. The way you can invite people to become your client without even giving them a pitch

6. The way you sabotage a potential client from hiring you

7. The way you can get clients to ask you about your prices

8. The way you can get people to trust you

9. The way to create long term loving relationships with your clients

10. The way get others to refer their friends to your events/offerings

Consistency in building business relationships is vital for long term success.

Your fans need to be developed over time.

People buy from people they know, like and trust.

Getting your foundation fan base built takes a large investment of energy and time.

Somebody said, “Building a business is like getting a Boeing 747 plane off the ground. It takes half the planes gas to get it into the air. Once the plane is off the ground, the energy used is a lot more economical”.

When you show up consistently, people start to trust you. (Note: if you change your business service, consider that you’re building your business relationships from scratch, but that’s another conversation.)

Lastly, it’s important to focus. Did you know Michael Phelps, the multi swimming olympic gold medal winner, spent 6 hours a day, 7 days a week in the water, for years at a time? That’s focus!

Stay the course. Keep showing up, even if it’s hard. People are watching.

Hi, I’m Johanna Gardner, a past multi million dollar real estate mogul turned Business Intuitive who absolutely loves helping people monetize their soul gifts. I specialize in helping healers, coaches, Intuitives 2x, 3x and 10x their business incomes by aligning them with the truth of what they came here to do so we can co-create more live and light in the world.


Make a list of your fan base. Make a calendar of special events you know about them, and of course, their birthdays.

Schedule to connect with your fan base at least once a week via email or social media.

Schedule personal messages or phone calls to touch base with your fans every month and/or at least every quarter. Be consistent!


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