Self Love Meditation

Self Love Meditation

Yummy earth energy

Just take deep breath.  Let it out. Breathe in.  Let’s imagine that you’re breathing in from mother earth all her beautiful, lovely energy coming in through in your body, up through your feet, all through the way through your body, and out through your crown.  One more time, in through your feet, yummy, yummy, yummy, amazing earth energy, and out through your crown. One more time. In through your feet, all the way up your legs, up your spine, all the way out through your crown.  Beautiful.

Cleanse yourself

Then we’re going to bring beautiful, universal energy into our crown, coming down through our body, let that beautiful white light connect with our auric field and our 100 trillion cells all the way down, down, down, out through your feet, and to planet earth.  Again, in through your crown, all through your body, down, down, down, out through your feet, cleansing, cleansing, cleansing, in through your crown, and let all the stress and all the anxiety just go into mother earth. She accepts it with love. Beautiful.

Shower yourself with love

Then, in your mind’s eye, step out into a beautiful hallway filled with love and light and imaging yourself going, walking down this beautiful white light corridor, just relaxing into it, leaning into a magical space, and relaxing.  You find an even brighter light as you’re going to this beautiful, amazing, magical light. It’s like a shower, a shower of delicious sparkly energy that relaxes your 100 trillion cells, and you just lean into that magic, raising your frequency and your vibration, letting go of all the density, all the anxiety, all the drama, everything that’s no longer needed.  As you walk slowly, slowly, slowly into this beautiful white light, continue letting the sparkly energy sparkle and cleanse all your amazing cells, soak it in, relax into it, allow for all your cells to become a higher frequency, a higher vibration so that you can see the vibration of the cell becoming more and more and more refined, more pure, more benevolent, and allow for the transformation to happen within your body and your field.  

Become the creator

Just keeping walking slowly, slowly, and at the end of this hallway, there’s going to be a door.  Don’t go through the door yet. I want you to stand in front of the door and want you to really look at the door.  Before you walk into the door, I want you to make the intent that here, right now, you become one with yourself, you become the creator that you are, you acknowledge that you are the creator of your reality, that you’re no longer a victim of circumstance, whatever you are in resistance to, but instead, you’re the creator, you create everything and you wish to create a beautiful life, a loving life, a loving experience.  

Imagine beauty

Take a step and open the door, and as you open the door, you realize this beautiful, even lighter, brighter, amazing light, so much that you can’t necessarily see, and you step into this room and you take a few steps in front of you.  Then, as things become clear, you realize that you’re in a room with mirrors. There are mirrors all the way around you, 360 degrees of mirrors. You’re alone in this room, and you see yourself. I want you to fall in love with yourself, admire yourself, admire the inner beauty, the light within you, the heart that is being reflected back to you, the compassion that you have in your heart is being reflected back to you, the purity of who you are is being reflected back to you.  You are creating this image, and you’re in love with this image. You’re in delight. It’s amazing that you’ve create it. It such an amazing image of yourself. You’re curious about yourself. Just stand, being curious about yourself and notice if you have any resistance to your image. Where is there resistance? Acknowledge that you’re the creator of this image. If you are the creator of this image, and you’re in resistance to this image, send love to it. Have compassion for that aspect of yourself that is being judgmental.  Allow for the resistance to dissolve. Breathe in, breathe out. Allow for yourself to fall in love with yourself, every aspect of yourself.

You are the creator

Notice if you’re having a want to distract yourself from yourself.  We have a need to not look at the image or a need to have something or someone with you in this room.  Notice if you’re uncomfortable, or not, if you’re in bliss and joy and love, stay there, be more in love with yourself, more joyful with yourself, more playful with yourself.  Imagine a different image of yourself, a better image of yourself. I want you to spend just a few minutes spending time with yourself, you as the creator of this image, of this reality, acknowledging that you are, and you have the power to change it.  You’re not a victim of this situation, but the creator of this reality, of this reflection. Do you love your reflection? Love yourself more. Breathe in compassion. Become the highest benevolent experience of yourself. Raise your vibration, become more light.  Acknowledge your power. Expand your heart. Surrender to the power of who you are. Acknowledge your higher frequency, your benevolent heart. If you don’t like your reflection, then change it. Imagine the projection that you want in the mirrors. Make a new vibration.  Make a new image of reflection back to you. Imagine what you would want to look like, you would want to be like. Stretch your heart to be more loving. You can create whatever experience you want in this room. Notice the different parts of resistance to this and love on them and breathe that in.  You are the expression of love.

Love on yourself

Take a deep breath.  Love on yourself one more time.  Look at your beautiful reflection of who you are, how amazing you are.  Smile and love on yourself and blow yourself kisses. Love you. I love you.  You’re so amazing. You’re so amazing. Say to yourself, I’ll be back. I’ll see you later.  

You’re amazing

Then you look to the door.  Open the door and go back into the space of benevolent love, sparkly energy, and sprinkle love around yourself.  I am love. I am beautiful. Close the door. Then in the space there’s going to be a message for you. Maybe it will come in the form of a guide or a just a message, a knowing.  Listen to the message, whether it be a few words, or just one word. Then keep stepping into more light, light and love, wash yourself of all the debris, anything that came up. Any resistance is now being evaporated and cleansed out of your field.  Just allow for all of that to release itself. Continue being washed and then, as you’re ready, step out of this deeper, higher frequency, into the corridor, into the hallway, and then hallway, you just slowly, slowly walk back to your body. Then step into your body.  Be at peace. Come back into this present moment, into your physical body. Wiggle your toes and your fingers, your neck, and when you’re ready, you can open your eyes.