Finding Your Unique Voice

Finding Your Unique Voice

Finding Your Unique Voice:

One of the things that I find so many times when talking to entrepreneurs, is that they haven’t found their unique voice.  It’s so important, because it makes you unique, it makes you stand out. That’s exactly what people are craving. They’re craving that authenticity.  They’re craving that unique flavor of ice cream that you can only offer. It’s your message.  

If you ever seen the Voice or American Idol, the people that stand out are those who are really authentic.  They’re coming from their soul. They figured out what is unique to them and embraced it and allowed for it to come through, their voice, their message, however, you put that out in the world, whether it’s through singing or through blog posts or through visuals, even a product that you create that is just unique to your passion, something that is incredibly you – it lights up your soul – anything that really sparks your joy, that is the uniqueness of you.  Find out what that is and then figuring out how to surrender to it, allow for it to become so predominant in your field, in your experience, and you communicate to the world. Because then, it stands out, it’s something that makes you incredibly valuable. It is your unique piece of the pie to the whole collective. It’s what you love because you’re going to naturally do that, whether you get paid for it or not, and it’s so much more enjoyable to find your uniqueness and get rid of all the judgments and the criticisms of being unique.  That’s another topic and another post. Just finding your unique voice and noticing what you can delegate. You cannot delegate your uniqueness. It must come from your internal self. It must come from you and your soul and your specialness.  


You can’t really build a business without a team because a business is really a team building effort.  It’s an experience and you can become bigger and bolder and more amazing if you have teammates that are on your side, helping you figure out how to produce products and services out there in the world with their support, whether you need video support, whether you need audio support, whether you need technical, graphics, whatever, once you find that uniqueness of your particular message – I remember when I owned the hotel it was – how do I identify this particular hotel versus all the other boutique hotels in the city, how do I make this stand out in comparison to the competition?  You don’t want to repeat what other people are doing. Maybe they are successful at what they do, but your success is going to come from your unique self, and once you figure that out, then you can delegate all the other tasks.  
People need more than one teacher.  I’m sure that you’re not just listening to me, but you’re listening to exuberant amounts of other teachers.  There is a plethora of them in all kinds of niches. I, myself, have multiple different coaches, multiple different teachers, whether I listen to them on YouTube, whether I listen to them through audio books, or I go to their classes or events or retreats, etc., I am constantly absorbing all their information and then whatever really truly resonates to me, I’m going to put into my unique flavor of ice cream.  That’s what makes me special in my voice and my message and that’s all unique to me.  


Those are some ideas.  Find your unique voice.  Find your unique message.  It’s so, so important. It’s so valuable.  It is where you want to spend most of the time, in that creational process, and then everything else can be delegated.  Good luck!